Of Saints and Shadows (Shadow Saga #1) by Christopher Golden


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Of Saints and Shadows - Christopher Golden

Book One in the Shadow Saga is a brilliant epic that takes you into the secret world of vampires–and a secret society sworn to destroy them.


Sweeping, sensuous, and shocking, it is a powerful vision of immortality that will hold you in its spell…forever.











I love that Golden is brave enough to cross several topics that some would consider more sensitive material for some readers but its handled in a humane way which is interesting because most the characters involved were supernatural beings.

I liked the whole vampire/ PI thing, the spiritual / supernatural mystery.

The way Golden created the world of the Shadow Saga is different from all the other fantasy/horror books in this genre I’ve read. In a small way Of Saints and Shadows had a paranormal Dick Tracy feel to it which was great because you don’t get that very often.

Although I felt the characters could have used more personality, more development as far as their characterization because a lot of them seem to be very similar and muted in a lot of ways I felt Golden could have gone a little extreme with it and it still would have worked well without feeling over done.

I have to admit despite being a new author to me I really enjoyed this one. I look forward to reading the next book in the Shadow Saga series.





































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Krissy’s Bookshelf Reviews purchased a print copy..









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