Movie Night: Fantastic Four





















Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.















I’ve never really liked any of the Fantastic Four films that have come out over the years but I thought that perhaps they could salvage something out of what didn’t quite work in the previous films. Although thinking back I think I could say that I prefer the 2005 version the most despite not liking that one very much either.

While this movie has some scenes that held my interest for short periods of time the entire film was sluggish, the cast didn’t do a very good job evoking any emotion out of any of the scenes, it felt disjointed and lacking in real substance. A bummer of a film result. Not worth the watch.









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2 thoughts on “Movie Night: Fantastic Four

    • This is my dilemma with movies these days. Actually I think its more than just movies – I think TV is struggling with this as well. But mostly movies is that fact that they’re almost all typically remakes now. Prequels, sequels, rewrites, remakes, etc and they’re all horrible. I think we’ve lost something I don’t know if its creativity, or an understanding of the field or how to capture what makes movies good? But if you are going to make a Marvel film using it as an example I think its writers or its creators need to do their homework. Talk to the guys that make the comics, talks to the fans, talk to the people behind its creation, study it, get in touch with what made it great and use that – use them. Don’t just say ‘yep, I’m gonna spend however many millions of dollars on a film that’s a complete waste.’ Do it right and do it good. Make it worth the investment. There’s gotta be someone that knows this isn’t good, knows they wasted their money. Films say even two or three decades ago still hadn’t trailed this far off the creative path but it feels like film creators are beginning to lose touch with the concept of why movies were thought of as great in the past, and why they continue to be great today. They need to tap into that. Especially before making a film like this. Than again I could be completely wrong but that’s just my opinion.

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